10 Affordable Neighboring Countries To Visit From India!

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Ruchika Mandora

It has beautiful skies, crystal-clear beaches, and more. You'll be astonished that this luxurious holiday is affordable.


Nepal, with its Himalayan monasteries and Mt. Everest Base Camp trekking treks, is a pleasant and affordable surprise.


The land of islands, beaches, rice farms, lush forests, stunning mountains, and historic sites. This secret sanctuary is perfect for beach lovers.


Indians can visit without passports! If you wish to visit numerous places, you can take private transport and eat for Rs 100–Rs 400.


Indians flock to Malaysia for good reason! It has great islands, rain forests, and colonial architecture.


Sri Lanka is a great cheap vacation destination. If you love seafood, you may never want to leave this city, which is also famed for its great meals.

Sri Lanka

Vietnam is 3-4 hours from India. Beaches, woods, and paddy fields abound in this southeast Asian nation.


Indonesia, the largest archipelago, is a favorite vacation spot. Lombak, Jakata, and Malang, together with Bali, are worth visiting.


If you love religious places, want to learn about the culture, and want to enrich yourself with history and tradition, visit Cambodia.


Seychelles is the place to go if you want to relax among coral reefs, clear blue water, and beaches that haven't been touched.