10 Exotic Secret Beaches In Bali!

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Ruchika Mandora

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You can get to Karma Beach by taking a lift down a steep cliff. This private beach has a long stretch of clean, white sand and a blue sea.

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Karma Beach

Balangan is a popular place to surf. It is on the north side of the cliff that makes up the famous hole 15 of the New Kuta Golf course.


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A beach below The Ungasan Clifftop Resort in Ungasan, however the beach's signs on Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau are more conspicuous than the resort's.

Sundays Beach

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It is hidden by natural limestone rocks and can only be reached by climbing steps and log ramps through small holes in the rock.

Suluban Beach

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Green Bowl Beach is at the end of Jalan Bali Cliff, down a long set of concrete steps that gently go down the side of the cliff.

Green Bowl Beach

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Padangbai, east Bali's largest seaport, has a few secluded beaches perfect for day trips, diving, and snorkeling.

Padangbai and Blue Lagoon

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The quiet shores with their beautiful sunrises are a must-see if you're staying here. They are known as a great place to dive.


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Dreamland is still hidden by limestone cliffs. The Indian Ocean borders its white sand beach.

Dreamland Beach

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Perasi Beach is hidden between two hills and Bugbug and Perasi towns. Both are 4.5 km east of Candidasa in Karangasem.

Perasi Beach

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Padang Padang's white-sand beach is one of the best places to catch big waves on the island. It has a great view and a small sandy area for sunbathing.

Padang Padang

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