10 Places To visit In Bankura, West Bengal

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Ruchika Mandora

Joypur is a beautiful place in the Bankura district. It is surrounded by a thick forest full of sal Palash, mahua, and neem trees.

Joypur Jungle


The Kalachand Temple is an old temple in Bishnupur, West Bengal. It is about 1 km from the Jor Mandir Temples and 2 km from the Bishnupur Bus Station.

Kalachand Temple


Biharinath Hill, located in the Saltora Block's northern section, has the greatest altitude in the district.

Biharinath Hill


The Radhashyam temple in Bishnupur is more famous for its terracotta construction.

Radha Madhab Temple


According to wise men from the last 200 years, Mother came out of the earth's womb. As the aware mother, the mother is worried.

Rankeni Mata Temple


Sarada Devi was born in the beautiful village of Jayrambati, which is in the Bankura district of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Sri Sri Matri Mandir


The Krishna-Balaram Temple is 20 km from Bankura. It is a sanctuary that takes care of Lord Krishna's unique symbols.

Krishna-Balaram Temple


Susunia Hill is a renowned destination for indigenous activities such as rock climbing and trekking in the Bankura District.

Susunia Hills


Hadal and Narayanpur are twin villages on the banks of the Bodai River. They are known for the terracotta temples made by the Mandal family.



The execution site at Gum Garh is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was where the Malla rulers of Rarh Bangla punished their war prisoners.

Gum Garh Execution Site