10 Unexplored Places In Bihar That You Can Visit In 2023!

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Gopika VC

Dungeshwari Hills is the same place where Lord Buddha did penance for many years before going to Bodhgaya. It is also called Mahakala Caves.

Dungeshwari Hills


This place used to be a place to look for treasure. It was also called "Sona Bhandara Caves," which means "a pile of gold."

Sonbhandar Caves, Rajgir


People think it's creepy and haunted because it's built in a gothic style and isn't kept up well. However, the same place is great for a day of exploring with friends.

Rizwan Castle


The Barabar Caves are the oldest and best-preserved rock-cut caves in the world. They are surrounded by beautiful trees and ponds.

Barabar Caves


This is the largest Buddha Stupa in India. It was built by the Mauryan King Ashoka and is in the town of Kesariya in the state of Bihar.

Kesaria Stupa, East Champaran


Kumhrar is both an excavation and an archaeological site, and it is thought to be the place where the old kingdom of Patliputra used to govern.



The Telhar Kund is a beautiful small lake made by a spilling waterfall. It is in the middle of a huge forest with lots of green trees.

Telhar Kund, Kaimur


Many people think that this is where the holy "Ramayana" story took place, but no one knows for sure.

Lauriya Nandangarh, West Champaran


Dashrath Manji is a man who cut a road through a mountain by himself. Almost 22 years went into building this road.

Dashrath Manjhi Road, Gaya


Griddhakuta Peak, also called "Vulture Peak," is a place where nature and culture meet and where you can pray and feel calm.

Griddhakuta Peak