10 Unique Spots You Should Explore In This Monsoon 2023!

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Gopika VC

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Lahaul-Spiti, which is often called "Little Tibet," will captivate you with its beauty. People think that the quiet of its rolling hills is what brings people there.


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The "Princess of Hill Stations," Kodaikanal, is a popular monsoon resort in India. The Palani hills surround Kodaikanal, which is 2,000 m above sea level.


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Shillong is the capital of the state of Meghalaya and one of the best-known hill towns in northeast India. It gets one of the most rain in the whole country.


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570 lush islands make up the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It's one of India's eco-friendly monsoon hotspots.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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The town seems to rest in the monsoon's cool weather. Auroville, Puducherry's experimental township, should be visited.


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Munnar is one of the reasons Kerala is called "God's Own Country." Kerala's most prominent hill station is also one of India's most popular honeymoon locations.


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Everyone thinks "tea" when they think of Darjeeling. Walking through this world-famous tea plantation in the rain is different from sipping it.


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Monsoons bring Coorg's 4,100 sq km to life. Karnataka's most popular hill station. Wildlife enthusiasts flock to its deep forest cover.


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Lonavala, Mumbai's favorite weekend hideaway, is stunning! The hill station turns green following the first monsoon showers.


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As you weave through tourists on its golden beaches, you can enjoy the rain while drinking tea or your favorite cold drink.


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