5 Toy Trains In India: Journey Through The Amazing Valleys!

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Gopika VC

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On the narrow gauge, there are five toy trains going to Hill Stations. They are called "toy trains" because the bogies are very small, like toys.

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Even though most of them are in loss, they are still going because people want to ride them. They are mostly very old.

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A trip on one of these trains is something you'll never forget. The trip through zigzag paths on beautiful hilly landscapes at a very slow speed is a great joy.

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This toy train goes through beautiful mountain scenery. The scenery is filled with scenes of tall pines and deodars.


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This small train takes people through the beautiful setting of Himachal Pradesh, which is breathtaking.

Kangra Valley Railway

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This narrow gauge goes through the winding streets and tea plantations of the hill town.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

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This locomotive serves Tamil Nadu's Nilgiri Hills. The local toy train is the nation's most famous mountain railway.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

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This engine from the early 20th century is thought to be one of the best toy trains in India because it is in a beautiful place.

Matheran Hill Railway

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