8 Best Tourist Attractions In Nalanda, Bihar

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Gopika VC

Nalanda is a significant town in the history of India, its culture, and its civilization. This city is where India's search for knowledge and its first university both began.

You can go there without much trouble because it is near Nalanda University, which is a well-known landmark in the city.

Surya Mandir


The white marble temple has turned this place into a popular tourist destination. There is also a pond close to the place.



With the river Indrapuskarani close by, the area where the university is located is very pretty.

Nav Nalanda Mahavira


Modern tourists from both inside and outside the country are amazed by how well this complex building was made.

The Great Stupa


If you want to learn about and experience all of Nalanda's rich cultural history in one visit, the Nalanda Archaeological Museum is the place to go.

Nalanda Archaeological Museum


The university is not only the oldest in India, but probably the oldest anywhere in the world.

Nalanda University


As the name suggests, the hall was built to honor Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese traveler and scholar who once went to the university and stayed there for a while.

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall


All the historical and exciting things you did in the city centre of Nalanda, the natural surroundings can make you feel calm and good.