Aanam Chashmawala: Some Interesting Facts About Aanam Chashmawala


Idhika Tejal

Aanam Chashmawala is a famous name in the world of Indian blogging right now. She was born and raised in India.

Aanam Chashmawala's website "What When Wear," which is not a blog, was a big step forward in her career. Its acceptance and popularity keep going up in a steady way.

The "What When Wear" website also shows that the blogger likes the way celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Katie Holmes dress.

Aanam Chashmawala likes to copy the styles of famous people in her own unique way. As of right now, 290,000 people are following Aanam Chashmawala on Instagram.

Since she was born on June 17, the zodiac says that she is a Gemini. This well-known Indian blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur has finished her 20s.

Even though the blogger tries out many different styles and trends, Aanam Chashmawala's favourite clothes are jeans, T-shirts, shirts, and pants.

Aanam Chashmawala's net worth is around $1.5 million. She is thought to be one of the richest bloggers in the country because of her blog.

Shabana Chasmawala, who is also a fashion designer, may have taught her daughter Aanam Chashmawala some of the skills she has in the fashion industry.

In January 2017, the 26-year-old blogger married Gerard. Despite her success, she hasn't been involved in any controversies in her personal or professional life.