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Abirath EV

Abish Mathew: Most Well-Known Comedian

Abish Mathew was one of the first Indian YouTube stars, with 1 million followers and 153 million views.

Abish Mathew is a comedian who performs stand-up. Abish Mathew has worked on comic shows and videos with well-known individuals.

He started doing comedy after seeing famous comedians like Robin Williams. He is different from other comic actors because he tells jokes that are both funny and original.

Abish Mathew went to Father Agnel School in Noida, Delhi, for both his primary and secondary education.

Abish Mathew was born in Noida, India, on February 28, 1987. Abish Mathew married his childhood friend Archana Kavi.

Abish Mathew started out as a prime-time radio host on Hit 95 Red FM. He then switched to stand-up comedy and making comedy shows.

He is in charge of his own business, Absurdist Studios, which makes games like Son of Abish and Journey of a Joke.

Abish Mathew was up for the BL Awards 2020 award for Most Popular Comedian. He loves to play guitar and go on trips.

Abish Mathew's primary source of income money is as a stand-up comedian, YouTuber, brand consultant, actor, and many other things.