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Abirath EV

All About Jodhaa Akbar Fame Aman Dhaliwal!

Aman Dhaliwal is a well-known model in India, and he has a huge number of fans all over the country.

Most of his films were in Punjabi. Because he's massive physique, he's played many action heroes in movies. He's also recognised for his constant style changes.

Big Brother (2007), Jodha Akbar (2008), Virsa (2010), Ik Kudi Punjab (2010), and Ajj De Ranjhe (2011) are some of Aman Dhaliwal's most important hits (2012).

He's 183 cm tall. Gym-built, he weighs 85 kg. His well maintained body may be why he's gotten so many movie roles.

Punjab's Mansa was his birthplace. Since he was born on July 24, 1986, he is a Leo. In March 2023, he'll be 36.

He has bachelor's and master's degrees in two significant medical fields. Radiology and hospital management are his degrees.

Aman Dhaliwal was born to a Punjabi couple, and both of them worked as school teachers. His father's name is Mithu Singh, and his mother's name is Gurtej Kaur.

Sikhism is the religion of the family. His family is very different, which didn't help him get ahead in the movie business.