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All You Want To Know About Channa Mereya Actress Niyati Fatnani!

Niyati Fatnani is a Bollywood actress, dancer, and model. She made her acting debut in D4-Get Up and Dance, a dance fiction series, in 2016.

After starring as Piya Rathod in the film Nazar and Ginni Garewal Singh in Channa Mereya, she rose to a level of fame.

Niyati is a professional Kathak dancer with a huge fan base on social media. She has over 1 million Instagram followers

Niyati was born on January 11, 1991. Suresh Fatnani is her father, and Komal Fatnani is her mother. Barkha Fatnani is the name of her younger sister.

Niyati was reportedly dating Rahul Mallah in 2016. The actress confirmed their relationship in an interview with a major entertainment portal.

Niyati says that she met Rahul when he was her teacher at the Terence Lewis Dance Academy. At first, they were just friends, but then they fell in love with each other.

After she finished high school, the actress went to the GLS (J.P. Shah) Institute of Business Administration in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where she got her BBA.

Niyati's main source of income is from acting in television shows. So far as we know, her net worth as of January 2023 is $5 million.