Anaikatti: Wander Around The Foothills Of The Nilgiris!

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Gopika VC

The meaning of the name Anaikatti is "group of elephants." This location is an elephant's natural habitat. Located around 30 km from Coimbatore.

The River Siruvani, India's sweetest river, flows through Anaikatti, adding to the city's reputation. A short hike through the forest is rewarded by the enchanting Siruvani waterfalls.

Anaikatti Village is located in North taluka of Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu, India. Coimbatore North is the adjacent town to the village of Anaikatti for all major commercial activity.


The climate in this region is tropical. Summers receive a great volume of precipitation, whereas winters receive very little.

Climatic Conditions

The adventurous night safari into the neighboring woodlands provided by Authentic Anaikatti allows you to experience the destination in an entirely different light, or rather the absence of light!

Tourists Attractions

Night Safari

The Silent Valley deceives into the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve's very core. This is one of nature's most breathtakingly stunning landscapes and a visual delight.

Silent Valley

Mangarai, a small, beautiful village at the foothills of Anaikatti, may appear to be like any other village, but it is in fact unique. Surrounded by coconut plantations and brick kilns.

Mangarai Village

Winter, beginning in December and lasting until February, is a wonderful time to visit Anaikatti.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal route from Coimbatore to Anaikatti is along the 30 km stretch of road that features spectacular mountain views.

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