Andheri: Discover Mumbai's Outer Neighborhoods!

Written By

Ruchika Mandora

Andheri is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and the city has numerous significances apart from its proximity to Mumbai, particularly in terms of tourism.

The Versova Beach is the most attractive to visitors visiting the city. This particular beach features a mixture of white and black sand along its shoreline. 

Versova Beach


Visit Lokhandwala Market in Andheri, Mumbai, for shopping. This city market includes economical apparel, accessories, and electronics. 

Lokhandwala Market


Chota Kashmir is Mumbai's representation of a miniature Kashmir. To reach this specific region, you must travel to the Aarey Colony side of Andheri. 

Chota Kashmir


On the Andheri side of the city of Mumbai, this is one of the important sites you can see. The other name for these carved-out rock caves in the area is "Kondivite Caves."

Mahakali Caves


The ISKCON Temple in Mumbai is a spiritual destination you may wish to consider visiting in the Mumbai suburbs. 

ISKCON Temple Mumbai


Another beach destination that can be visited while traversing Andheri. This particular seashore is visited by the vast majority of tourists visiting Mumbai. 

Juhu Beach


Located on the Andheri side of the city of Mumbai, this hill is rich in historical and geological significance. Gilbert Hill is also distinguished by its basalt rock formations. 

Gilbert Hill


The city of Mumbai is another place to go shopping if you are in the area of Andheri. Compared to the other markets on the list, this one is probably the cheapest place to shop in the whole city.

Andheri Market


This art gallery is in the Andheri area and is worth going to if you like art and want to look at it. If you care about how things look, you can't leave Mumbai without going to this art gallery. 

Sakshi Gallery


This is the ideal entertainment centre for your Andheri vacation if you want to be active and engaged.

Funky Monkeys Play Centre