Anuv Jain: Some Interesting Facts You Should Know


Idhika Tejal

Anuv Jain is a very talented artist who can play a lot of instruments, sing, write lyrics, and make music.

Anuv is good-looking and has a voice that draws you in. On March 11, 1995, Anuv was born in the Indian state of Punjab, in the city of Ludhiana.

After growing up in Ludhiana, Anuv Jain moved to Mumbai to finish his first year of college at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.

He got a Bachelor of Business Administration from that school. Since he was born in a Native American area, it seems likely that he is of Native American descent.

In 2012, when he was a junior in high school, he started a YouTube account where he would only post music. "Meri Baaton Me Tu" was his first song. It came out the same year.

He started working for ZS Associates after he got his diploma, but he is no longer with that company.

His discography features a large number of well-known songs, including "Ocean," "Riha," "Maula," and "Baarishein."

After a lengthy and courageous battle against illness, Anuv Jain's father passed away in the year 2017.

After that, he went back to their childhood home to live with his mother and his makeup artist twin sister, Anigha Jain.