Arjun Rampal's 50th Birthday Party On A Yacht With Girlfriend


Abirath EV

Arjun Rampal celebrated his 50th birthday on November 26 with his fiancée Gabriella Demetriades, son Arik, and friends.

His girlfriend Gabriella threw a yacht party for his birthday. She uploaded photos from the party on Instagram.

The birthday party for the actor had a white theme, as seen by all of the visitors who were dressed in various hues of white.

Gabriella Demetriades added a wonderful commentary to the posts from the birthday event. The model stated that she will only give parties on a yacht from now on.

Gabriella also thanked everyone who came out to celebrate her birthday. Arjun Rampal's daughter from his first marriage, Myra Rampal, reacted with heart eyes emojis on the same post.

Apart than that, Myra also posted some old pictures of her and Arjun on her Instagram. Myra's older sister Mahikaa Rampal was also featured in the images.

Gabriella Demetriades shared the yacht birthday parties and a birthday video. Gabriella shared some special experiences with her partner and his action-packed life and wrote the sweetest message.

She stated that while wishing Arjun on social media is still ironic, this is more than just a birthday wish. It is a post of thanks.

She further stated that Arjun impresses her every day with his passion, unwavering nature, and focus. There is no one like him because he does it honestly.

Arjun responded almost immediately to the post, thanking his girlfriend and saying that the memories are incredible and that he feels grateful.