Discover the Rock-Cut Monuments of Badami, In Karnataka!

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Gopika VC

Having been the capital of the Badami Chalukyas between 540 and 750 AD, Badami was well known by the fabled name 'Vatapi'.

Agastya lake is one of Badami's most popular tourist destinations, and it is believed that a soak in its water will cleanse you of your sins.

Agastya Lake


The Badami Caves serve as a reminder of India's humorous past and blend of spirituality and art. The first four caves are on steep slopes, others are across the lake.

Badami Cave Temples


Agasthya Tirtha houses Bhutanatha Temple. Two important Bhutanatha temples are on the east and north-east sides of Agasthya Lake and Tirtha.

Bhutanatha Temples


In 543 A.D., Chalukya King Pulakeshi began work of the magnificent Badami Fort. Despite the fact that only relics of a bygone era's brilliance exist now, it was a time of greatness.

Badami Fort


The Badami sightseeing tour is incomplete without a visit to the breathtaking and unforgettable Akka-Tangi falls.

Akka Tangi Falls


Aihole is a remarkable village in Karnataka that also goes by the names Ahivolal, Aivalli, and Aryapura.



Malegitti Temple worships Shiva. The Temple overlooks the beautiful Agastya Lake above Badami Fort. The 6th-century AD Badami temple is stunning.

Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Temple


The Archaeological Museum of India is Badami's top attraction. The museum's natural beauty and sculptures, cave temples, and rock-cut shrines enchant you.

Archaeological Museum


Mallikarjuna Temples are close Bhutanatha Temples. Pyramidal temples reflect multiple architectural styles.

Mallikarjuna Temple


The Lower Shivalaya temple, built by the ancient Chalukyan kingdom in the seventh century, is one of a series of temples spread across the northern hill of Badami.

Lower Shivalaya


The Higher Shivalaya, located atop the northern hill of Badami, is an excellent example of the rock-cut architectural style of the ancient Chalukyan empire.

Upper Shivalaya


Ravana Pahad Temple is a must-see historic site in Badami, where caverns are intricately carved. Lord Shiva inspired its 6th-century construction.

Ravana Pahad


The holy Mahakuteshwara Temple, which is surrounded by hills, is devoted to Shaiva culture. This temple was constructed in Dravidian architecture to honor Lord Shiva.

Mahakuteshwara Temple


A trove of Jain and Hindu temples, Pattadakal is part of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal multipart and a magnificent example of Chalukyan architecture.