10 Beaches Near New Delhi For A Beach Getaway!

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Gopika VC

This beach is on Puri's Marine Drive in front of the Swargadwar Crematorium. Besides being one of Puri's most famous beaches, this is the city's beating heart.

Swargadwar Beach


One of the Bay of Bengal's best beaches with sun-kissed waters. The Indian landmark Sun Temple is 35 miles from this seashore.

Puri Beach


Orissa's beautiful beach. It is noted for its sunset vistas and neighboring stalls selling Indian beach food, including tea.

Ashtanga Beach


If you want to relax with your family in a quiet spot near Delhi, visit Chandipur Beach. One of Odisha's quieter beaches.

Baleshwar Beach


There aren't many people around, so this is a great place for couples or those who want some alone time.

Baliharachandi Beach


This important beach is about 20 kilometers from Puri. Golden Beach is a quiet, clean beach that is far from the busy city.

Golden Beach


You make a drive-through while enjoying the tranquility of a clean beach that ensures perfect seclusion and relaxing weather.

Balighai Beach


Ramachandi is a picturesque beach on the Bay of Bengal and River Kushabhadra 65 miles from Bhubaneswar.

Ramachandi Beach