Best Weekend Beach Destinations In Mumbai

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Ruchika Mandora

Juhu beach is the longest and most prominent beach among tourists in Mumbai. It is renowned for its broad variety of street foods with the sweet and sour flavor profile typical of Mumbai. 

Juhu Beach


The beach, commonly called Chowpatty, is situated in southern Mumbai along the western railway route.

Girgaum Chowpatty


Marine Drive, Mumbai's most famous landmark, symbolizes the city's glamour. It's a 3.6-kilometer arc-shaped promenade along South Mumbai's seashore.

Marine Drive, Mumbai


Aksa Beach, located on the fringes of the city in Malad, is an unrivaled oasis for a restorative escape from the city's traffic. 

Aksa Beach


The coast is relatively less crowded and is only separated from the former shoreline by a creek. Versova is primarily a fishing village populated by Kolis located close to the seashore.

Versova Beach


Manori, a northern Mumbai fishing community, is known for its beach and stream. Manori, known as "Mini-Goa," has beachside seafood shacks. 

Manori Beach


Kalamb Beach in Nalasopara, Thane, Maharashtra, is long and isolated. The beach is attractive because of its peace and seclusion from the city.

Kalamb Beach


Gorai Beach is one of the cleanest, most tranquil, and most frequented beaches in Mumbai. It is located in the north suburb of Mumbai, 40 kilometers from the city center.

Gorai Beach