Best Picnic Spots Near Nagpur Within 50km!

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Gopika VC

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Futala Lake's peacefulness is perfect for life reflection. After sunset, the moonlight illuminates the lake, leaving one speechless.

Futala Lake

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Waki Woods is a good one-day picnic site near Nagpur within 50 kilometers, offering bird watching, canoeing, horse riding, and archery.

Waki Woods

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Dhapewada sits calmly on the banks of the refreshing River Chandrabhaga near the Ramtek hill, which makes a beautiful backdrop.


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Adasa is a pretty village with a number of old temples. However, the famous Ganesh temple is what makes the village famous.


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Cultural theme park on Jabalpur Road. The park's Om Statue draws tourists from across the nation, along with its many activities.


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Legends say that Lord Rama stayed at the historical Rama's temple in Ramtek while he was in exile.


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Sakkardara's gorgeous garden is ideal for escaping the city. Boat on the lake and enjoy the stunning landscaping.

Lake garden Sakkardara

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Ambazari Lake attracts tourists with its stunning scenery. The lake's ambazari garden enhances its charm.

Ambazari Lake

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