Bhojpur: Explore The Historic Town Of Raja Bhoj!

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Ruchika Mandora

This place is perfect for people who want to get away from their busy daily lives and relax their mind, body, and soul.

People visit the beautiful, old, and historic Veer Kunwar Singh Fort or Qila to remember the great son of the land who fought for independence in the past.

Veer Kunwar Singh Qila, Jagdishpur

Bhojpuri's Aranya Devi Temple is a holy site. Goddess Aranya Devi, the Forest Goddess, was honoured with this lovely temple.

Aranya Devi Temple

The most interesting things about this place are the old buildings and the amazing sculptures. This religious and historical site in Bhojpur must be seen.

Sun Temple, Tarari

The Karbala mosque in Bhojpur's Maula Bagh is a popular tourist attraction. It's a basic but beautiful 1817 Bhojpur building.

Karbala, Masjid of Maulabagh

It is a very old temple known for the big, old statue of Laxmi-Narayan and the beautiful architecture inside.

Chaturvuj Narayan Mandir

The college's spectacular new campus is a historical monument with a tunnel that leads to Jagdishpur's Veer Kunwar Singh Qila.

Maharaja College, Ara

Around the year 1623, the great Shah Jahan built this beautiful mosque. It is the second five-gum bad masjid in India.

Shahi Masjid

This Mandir is well-known for the huge, beautiful, old statue of the Goddess Jagdamba that stands inside. Every day, this place is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Jagdamba Mandir

This library is known for having a large number of old manuscripts. This library was built by Dev Kumar in the year 1903.

Jain Sidhant Bhawan

Dhrampur's Sahar block houses this Bhojpuri ashram. Shri Paihari Jee devotees gather here. This place is dedicated to his stories, values, and thoughts.

Paihari Jee Ka Ashram