Dawki: A Detailed Travel Guide To The Cleanest Village In Meghalaya!

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Ruchika Mandora

Dawki never stops delighting its visitors with its hidden beauty. It is a border town between Meghalaya and Bangladesh. It is recognized for having the purest water.

Dawki Town lies on the road boundary between India and Bangladesh in the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, India.


Due to its beautiful weather, Dawki attracts tourists year-round. Dawki's greatest temperature is 32 degrees Celsius and its lowest is 8


The months of November through May, i.e., the winter and summer seasons, are the best time to visit Dawki in order to discover its vast natural beauty.

Best Time To Visit

Due to the attractive Umngot River, Dawki is particularly popular with tourists.  This river has water so clear that it appears as though one is looking into a glass or mirror.

Famous For

The Umngot River, also known as the Dawki River, is absolutely stunning and lush. Boating is possible year-round on this crystal-clear river.

Things to do

Umngot River

 In East Khasi Hills, Mawlynnong Village is clean. This village's tranquility makes you feel good.

Mawlynnong Village

The Dawki Tamabil Border crossing, also known as Jaflong Zero Point, is close to the Dwaki River. Stone collections, subtropical mountains, and the Mari river enhance this zero point.

Jaflong Zero Point

Dawki is a tiny town in West Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. Dawki is accessible by air, rail, and road.

How To Reach Dwaki

By Air: Umroi Airport in Shillong, 100 Km, is the nearest airport. By Rail: Guwahati Railway Station, 170 Km, is the nearest. By Road: Guwahati and Shillong, are 200 and 100 Km away.

Try local Meghalaya delicacies. Jhur Sideh, Jadoh, Makham-Bitchi, Dohneiihong, and others are delicious Meghalayan dishes.

Foods To Try