Dhanbad- Jharkhand, Tourist Places To Visit!

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Gopika VC

This stunning waterfall cascades across amazing rock formations, providing regal splendour. "Moonidih Waterfall" is another name.

1. Bhatinda Falls

One of Dhanbad's most popular tourist spots. . From Coal City, the Maithon Dam is 48km away.

2. Maithon Dam

The word "Hindola Mahal" means "Swing Palace" in English. This name is derived from the sloping position of its walls.

3. Birsa Munda Park

Another Dhanbad tourist attraction. Due to its proximity to the National Highway, the lake's surroundings are always full of tourists.

4. Topchanchi Lake

The Shakti Mandir tops Dhanbad pilgrims' lists. The temple attracts mostly domestic pilgrims year-round.

5. Shakti Mandir

"Damodar Valley Corporation" built both the Maithon and Panchet Dams. A 1959 multi-purpose dam. The dam is named after a hill nearby, Panchet.

6. Panchet Dam

This Hindu pilgrimage site honours Kali. Katri flows near the temple. Since the locals believe Goddess Kali protects them, they are devoted to the temple deity.

7. Lilori Sthan Mandir

To Reach Dhanbad, the closest airport is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport and the closest railway station is Dhanbad Junction Railway Station (DHN)

The fact that this industrial metropolis is known as the "coal capital of India" is what gave rise to the nickname "Black Diamond" for the location.