Discover The Ancient Historical Town Vidisha In Madhya Pradesh!

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Gopika VC

This place is fun for people who like history because it is right out of our history books and for people who want to relax and take nice pictures.

If you want to learn more about the city's history and culture, you should start by going to Ath Khamba.

Ath Khamba

If you like old art and styles, the museum has many artefacts. This museum displays Buddhist spiritual remains alongside Hindu and Jain cultural artefacts.

Vidisha District Museum

This is a group of rock caves you can visit on the way to the city of Vidisha. There are a total of twenty numbers in this group.

Udayagiri Caves

Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, has an antique pillar worth seeing. This pillar resembles Hindu Lord Garuda and is spiritual.

Khamba Baba/Heliodorus Pillar

In the city of Vidisha, this is a pilgrimage site for people who follow Jainism. To go to the temple, you have to go to the Gyaraspur area of the city.

Maladevi Temple

This historic site is often called the "gateway to the lost temple." The two carved pillars in the area draw people's attention.

Hindola Torana

People come here to learn about the history and culture of the temple and the area where it is located.

Udayeshwara Temple

The tall rock there is really big and can be seen from a long way away. This place is named after a person named Shaykh Jalal Chrishti.

Lohangi Pir

It is in Gyaraspur. The shrine worships Tirthankara. The temple and surrounds are vibrant on Mahavir Jayanti evening.

Bajramath Temple

Vidisha's 11th-century Hindu temple. One of the city's most important archaeological sites.

Vijay Mandir