Discover The Unexplored Part Of Goa, Feel The Freshness!

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Gopika VC

Galgibaga, Goa's cleanest beach, is also the endangered Olive Ridley turtle's breeding and hatching habitat.

Galgibaga Beach


Since few people visit, the beach is clean and desolate, making it one of Goa's most beautiful secret spots.

Kakolem Beach


There are coconut palm trees, fancy beach huts, tents made in the Rajasthani style, a calm environment, and a pretty lagoon.

Cola Beach


This beach is one of Goa's most romantic secret beaches due to its soft silver sand, white seashells, coconut palms, and pleasant air over shallow mild waters.

Velsao Beach


People who want to do water sports in Goa can swim in shallow water or go scuba diving with the Goa Institute of Diving.

Bogmalo Beach


For those seeking peace and quiet in Goa's hippy town, the Bamanbudo waterfall is a lovely retreat.

Bamanbudo Waterfalls


Tourists may swim, beach volleyball, scuba dive, water ski, fish, and windsurf at Sinquerim Beach, which has soft sands and a nice breeze.

Sinquerim Fort


The old Portuguese troops left behind ruins and old cannons at the fort, which makes it a great place for a shoot or a picnic with friends.

Cabo De Rama


The laterite rock inside was a Buddhist monk's meditation seat. In addition to laterite structures, the cave has Buddhist sculptures and paintings.

Rivona Caves


Cotigao offers beautiful greenery and trekking. Tall trees, unusual plants, rocks, marshes, and ponds connect you to the most calm environment.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary


The park houses around 133 Goan butterfly species and was founded to safeguard them.

Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa


Savoi Spice Gardens, a natural paradise in Goa, features uncommon herbs, colorful fruit orchards, strange flora, and the Goan urak and feni.

Savoi Spice Plantations


One can take a Backwater Cruise through this canal's thick mangrove trees and marshes and see alligators laying around and getting some sun.

Cumbarjua Backwater Canal


Some migrating ducks, jacanas, moorhens, harriers, pipits, wagtails, and kingfishers can be seen here.

Carambolim Lake


From Vasco da Gama's Baina beach, it's a 30-minute boat journey. The explorers and couples will find much to do on the island, including snorkeling, day picnics,  etc.

Pequeno (Bat) Island