Discover The World's Most Famous Hill Stations!

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Ruchika Mandora

This beautiful gem of India is in Kashmir valley, which is known for its paradise-like beauty. It is 1585 m above sea level.

Srinagar, India

Hallstatt is a beautiful Alpine town in Austria that sits between the high Dachstein mountains and the Hallstatter See.

Hallstatt, Austria

Dalat, one of the world's most beautiful hill stations, has jagged, impenetrable mountain peaks.

Dalat, Vietnam

For nature lovers, Faroe Island is paradise. Unpredictable weather and gorgeous green fields will keep you company for most of the trip.

Faroe Island, Denmark

Nature is magical in the alpine town. The little village has Lake Como on one side and the Bergamo Alps on the other, perfect for a mountain trip.

Lecco, Italy

Fussen, a world-class hill station with several tourist attractions, is nestled between the Bavarian mountain ranges.

Fussen, Germany

Alberta's Cypress Hills are surrounded by towering mountains. This lovely Canadian hill station offers a fast retreat for wildlife and adventure lovers.

Cypress Hills, Canada

This wonderland has 600 glaciers and 500 mountain peaks above 3,500 m. Its name comes from the Celtic word for salt, and the town's heritage is worth researching.

Tyrol, Austria

The northern lights, also called the aurora borealis, are a strange natural phenomenon that can be seen in this interesting place in Alaska.

Fairbanks, Alaska

One of Europe's top cheap skiing areas, the town is a skier's paradise. The town's Alps and lakes make it a popular honeymoon spot.

Wengen, Switzerland