Don't Miss These Places While Your Kerala Visit In July!

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Gopika VC

If you like to see tea farms, you have to go to Munnar. There are so many tea farms that you can just go for a nice walk in the evening.


Alappuzha is one of Kerala's most famous tourist destinations, so learn about it! It is one of the most beautiful and will never tire you.


Wayanad, a southern hill station, has stunning waterfalls. Wayanad is the most romantic and beautiful monsoon destination.


It's noted for its wonderful homestays and houseboats. In monsoons, they are one of the most beautiful spots to vacation.

Ahtamudi Lake

One of Kerala's most famous monsoon tourist destinations, it's a great place to observe the rain. Bekal is the land of gods, forts, rivers, and hills.


Thekkady's Periyar forests are stunning in the rains. Enjoy bamboo rafting, jungle night patrol, and more. It's a monsoon must-see in Kerala.


It features Kerala's greatest beaches and is a monsoon must-see. Palm trees and red cliffs along its Arabian Sea coastline.


People love this place so much that it is considered one of the top 10 paradises on Earth. It has some of the most beautiful places, which is reason enough to visit.


Mararikulam is one of Kerala's most attractive spots to experience rain. The International Coir Museum, Marari Beach, and Pathiramanl Lake are nearby.