Enjoy The Beauty Of Pollachi, The Coconut City Of Tamilnadu!

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Gopika VC

In the past, Pollachi was known for its coconuts, cash crops, and huge market. Tourists go to the place because of its cultural importance and the Anaimalai hills.

It's around 30 km from Pollachi in the Anaimali hills. Forests and cliffs surround the waterfalls. To reach Monkey Falls, tourists trek through steep and dense jungles.

Monkey Falls

The area's natural beauty makes it popular for shooting. Swimming, panchalingam falls, and boating are the attractions.

Thirumoorthy Hills

Topslip, a popular Anamalai tiger reserve tourist destination, is 240m high. Its jungle-covered peak is separated from the Nilgiri highlands and Palghat gap.


Chithirai in May is the main celebration. The devotees also seek Mother Sulakkai's blessing to cure visual issues and help childless couples.

Sulakkal Mariamman

On the eastern slope of the Western Ghats, the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is rain-shadowed. This makes it a unique site with little annual rainfall.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki, Kerala

Valparai is a 3,500-foot-high hill station. Pollution-free estates surround it. Green mountains and trees show nature's splendour.


Aliyar dam is 918 feet above sea level and is 65 km from Coimbatore and 25 km from Pollachi. It is thought to be the best place for a picnic near Valparai.

Aliyar Dam

Lord Shiva's temple was built 700 years ago. Lord Subramnayar became the god of Subramanyar Kovil. It enhances meditation and serenity.

Sri Subramania Swami Temple

Masani Amman's temple located in Anaimalai, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. In north India, she is known as Masani Devi. Goddess Masani's 15-foot idol is at the temple.

Masani Amman Temple

Tourists can relax, refuel, and contemplate transformation here. This yoga institute encourages people to meditate and find their purpose.

Arivu Thirukovil