Enjoy The Beauty Of The Attractive Madarihat Tropical Forest!

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Gopika VC

If you want a unique holiday, Madarihat is a good choice. This tourist spot is in West Bengal, India.

A national park in Madarihat town is famous for the Indian rhinoceros. These places also have a distinct population.

West Bengal's tribal town Madarihat. It's a state gram panchayat. It's in Alipurduar, the same state.


The district of Alipurduar is further subdivided into subdivisions, with Madarihat located in the 'Alipurduar' subdivision.

Madarihat's climate fluctuates seasonally. A dramatic drop in temperature occurs in winter. In Madarihat, January is the coldest month.

Climatic Conditions

This range can reach 12 degrees Celsius. Madarihat's summer heat is worst in May. The town's temperature reaches 37 degrees Celsius during these months.

Jaldapara National Park is the ideal place to visit in Madarihat if you love wildlife and nature. Torsa River borders this national park.

Jaldapara National Park

This forest is near Jaldapara National Park. This proximity lets you schedule both visits on the same day. This woodland is about 40km from Alipurduar.

Chilapata Forest

If you want a spiritual getaway, visit this monument. Tourists also rave about this place's sunsets and sunrises.