Enjoy The Best Of Monsoon In South India!

Written By

Ruchika Mandora

This place is a jewel in God's Own Country, and it's best for people who say they love nature.


Its lush forests, tea estates, waterfalls, overflowing dams, and mild climate make it an excellent monsoon holiday spot in South India.


This South Indian location in Visakhapatnam is ideal during monsoons for activities and enjoying the season.


At around 2100 ft, this place is renowned as the Cherrapunji of South India since it receives the most rainfall in Southern India.


During the monsoons, this place comes alive. The perfect mix of cliffs, mountains, rivers, and the sea creates a scene you will never forget.


It's one of the places in South India that gets a lot of rain because it's on top of the Western Ghats.


During the summer season, it rains a lot and is usually between 23°C and 30°C. It is close to a beach that is popular with tourists all year.


The Athirapally waterfalls are one place in Kerala that you should go to during the rainy season.


During the rainy season, this is the best place to go for a quiet and peaceful weekend break.


During the monsoons, this place is a great place to go on vacation because it is green and the scenery looks like it came right out of a picture book.