Enjoy The Serenity Of Kelva Beach: A Coastal Escape!

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Gopika VC

Kelva Beach is also known as 'Kelwa Beach'. This beach is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, in India's central region. 

This beach is in a rural area, giving it a peaceful place to relax. Domestic tourists use this beach for weekend picnics and hangouts.

Kelwa Beach is located in Maharashtra, India. The beach is around 80 kilometers north of Mumbai's city center.


Climate and temperature changes in Kelva Beach are normal. It's identical to Maharashtra's mainland and Mumbai.

Climatic Conditions

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Kelwa Beach in Maharashtra is no longer a hidden gem. If you don't go on weekends, you can enjoy the beach in peace and quiet. 

Kelwa Beach

This is a Hindu pilgrimage center in Mumbai that you can visit when exploring the beach of Kelwa. If you want to visit this temple, the nearest city would be Palghar.

Shitila Devi Temple

This is a historical landmark located in the district of Palghar, Maharashtra. Because of its age, the fort has become utterly decrepit.

Bhavangarh Fort

You can also enjoy a spacious hangout on the beach's 8-kilometre beachfront. This beach was only known to nearby residents in the past.