Enjoy The Weekend In These Top East Champaran Tourist Spots!

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Ruchika Mandora

It is surrounded by a lot of greenery. East Champaran is home to many beautiful places, as well as places with important histories and Buddhist holy sites.

It has beautiful views and scenery along the side of the canal. Visitors can do different things here, like go boating.

Moti Jheel Lake

It is the only one of its kind and is all about Mahatma Gandhi. The museum has a small Guest House that it runs on its own.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum

It is a great example of traditional architecture. It's a popular place for tourists to go because it has great art and architecture.

Lauria Areraj Ashokan Pillar

This place is so quiet that it calms your mind and soul. If you come here, you'll forget about all your problems. You can go to this place with your friends or family.

Vishnu Mandir, Motihari

The area around Gayatri Mandir is very quiet and full of trees and plants. Gayatri Mandir is one of Motihari's most popular religious sites.

Gayatri Mandir, Motihari

King Som erected this 55-foot temple 2000 years ago based on the Shiv Puran. It is believed that Mahadev's Panchmukhi Lingam is self-present.

Someshwar Nath Mahadev Temple, Areraj

Kesariya Stupa is a budhist stupa in Bihar's Kesariya.It is believed that this stupa is related to Raja Chakravarthy during the 4th century.

Kesariya Stupa