Explore Bhutan: The Land Of Tradition, Culture And Beauty!

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Near the primary highway, this is a popular site. This valley has many cattle and pasture. The location is known for bamboo, stone, slate, and other souvenirs.

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Wangdue Phodrang

The Tiger's Nest of Paro is another name. The monastery overlooks the Paro valley and river from a hilltop.

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Taktsang Monastery

Tourists treat these two places as one despite their distance. Mongar, a little village in the Himalayas in the east, is gorgeous.

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Mongar and Lhuntse

This is the country's capital, which is in the Himalayas. The view from here is beautiful. This is the only place on Earth where there are no traffic lights.

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The glaciers and streams that pour into the meadows in these two valleys are famous. In this area, the black-necked crane is plainly visible.

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Phobjikha and Gangtey Valley

This country's historic site is surrounded by valleys, mountains, and rice fields. Here and there are old buildings.

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This modest yet essential Bhutanese destination. The region's scenery is a key draw for tourists. Some temples and fortifications are in this valley.

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Haa Valley

Some attractions include the crocodile breeding location, hydrothermal project, Bhutan Gate, Karbandi monastery, and others.

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This region has several historical events. This location is 1300m above sea level and the valley is 3000m.

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It is a pilgrimage site. This valley has several sacred, ancient, and important religious sites. Atop 2600m, this holy site has several historic temples from the country.

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Bumthang Valley