Explore Bir Billing: One Of The Best Adventures Spots In India!

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Gopika VC

Adventure sports, especially paragliding, made this village famous. This village also has a large Tibetan refugee community.

This monastery is an Eastern Tibetan Buddhist centre. Believers visit the monastery to learn about the religion, philosophy, and meditation.

Sherab Ling Monastery


If you like paragliding or not, you'll enjoy this site. Spending time doing nothing in the spacious location can be soothing and fun.

Bir Landing Site


The monastery's base colour is white, and it is decorated with many vivid and vibrant colours that capture tourists' attention.

Chokling Monastery


Visiting the institute requires an appointment. So prepare before arriving. Visit before 3 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on Sundays.

Dharmalaya Institute


It's really rural around the monastery. This monastery's natural beauty is enhanced by its proximity to Paprola and Taragarh.

Tashi Jong


This temple was built by merchants Ahuka and Manyuka. Lord Shiva is worshipped at Bir Billing's Baijnath temple.

Baijnath Temple


A trip through the estates and factory would be invigorating and informative. The tea gardens sell authentic, fresh tea leaves.

Bir Tea Factory


The location offers meditation and yoga training. Many spirituality specialists are also there to teach philosophy.

Deer Park Institute


This tea garden is on the southern side of the Lower Bir area. The most interesting thing about Chowgan is the different kinds of tea that are grown in the garden.

Chowgan Tea Gardens


8th Khamtru Rinpoche founded this monastery. The monastery's beauty and elegance also set it apart from Bir Billing's other buildings.

Drukpa Kagyu Monastery