Explore Kamshet: A Beautiful Hill Station In Maharashtra!

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Ruchika Mandora

Kamshet, a Maharashtra hill station at 2200 ft altitude, is stunning. Its lush greenery, calm lakes, and steep hills make it an excellent vacation spot.

The oldest caves in Maharashtra, these are Kamshet's top attractions. They are accessible by a steep, rocky climb.

Bhairi Caves


Bhedsa Caves are 60 BC rock-cut Buddhist shrines. The Satvahana-era Bedse Caves are one of Maharashtra's oldest caves.

Bedse Caves


Kamshet's Shinde Wadi slopes are famous for paragliding. Its sunrise and sunset views are also famous.

Shinde Wadi Hills


Uksan Lake near Kamshet is beautiful. It's a fantastic getaway from city life. The lake is surrounded by lush woodlands and is a nice destination to visit near Pune.

Uksan Lake


These huge and beautiful waterfalls will make you lose your heart. The Bhaje waterfalls are named after the caves in the area that stick out the most.

Bhaje Waterfalls


The Hemadpanti-style temple is stone-built. Monsoon trips are unwise since the temple's pebbly terrain is difficult to climb.

Kondeshwar Temple


Bhandar Dongar is a top that will leave you with all your hearts. It has a lot of greenery and soft places to stay.

Bhandar Dongar


You must climb about 500 steps to reach Ekvira Aai temple, which sits on a hill. It's near the famous Karla caves, protected by the Archeological Survey of India.



Vadivali lake is a Kamshet attraction that would make you adore nature. This peaceful place gives you meaning away from metropolitan life.

Vadivali Lake


It's one of Kamshet's most popular spots to relax and enjoy the tranquil sea, palm trees, windmills, and setting sun.

Andra Valley Dam