Explore Myanmar: Here Are The Top Attractions!

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Ruchika Mandora

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This magnificent Bay of Bengal coastline has three bays with fishing communities, beaches, and coconut palm.

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Pyin U Lwin is anglicized and cosmopolitan. Here you can explore British colonial buildings, Chinese and Hindu temples, and an English cemetery.

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Pyin U Lwin

The floating cottages, gardens, and temples of Lake Inle make it a lovely destination. Since there are no roads, you'll take a wooden boat.

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Inle Lake

Rich and famous people in Yangon like to go to Ngwe Saung because it is more sophisticated than the popular Chaung Tha Beach.

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Ngwe Saung

The former royal capital has lively markets, monasteries, Indian temples, mosques, and hillside pagodas that make it the hub of Burmese culture.

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The famous golden rock and gilt pagoda are there. This is one of the holiest places in the country and a popular place for pilgrims to go.

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Yangon, originally Rangoon, is Myanmar's largest city. This vibrant city has Buddhist monuments, parks, and lakes to explore.

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See the ruins of an old palace, enjoy the many pagodas in the area, or watch how rice is made in the traditional way.

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Its approximately 2,000 charming stupas spanning the vast landscape are a visual feast. It is the best archaeological site because it's still unspoiled by tourists.

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Mrohaung, formerly Mrauk U, is an abandoned city with great archaeological value. Its stone temples are smaller and more recent than Bagan's brick ones.

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Mrauk U