Explore Pawna Lake: A Tranquil Escape From The City!

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Gopika Vc

Pawna Lake is a beautiful tourist spot in the central Indian state of Maharashtra. This lake is located in the Pune district.

It is located in the Pune district, and from the district center, you must go to the Maval Taluk to reach the lake.


The months of October to February are great for visiting the lake in Maharashtra. The weather would be warm and cozy over these winter months.

Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake

Camping beside the Pawna River would be an unforgettable experience, especially if you like tranquility and the beauty of nature. 

Camping In Pawna Lake

Shinde Wadi Hills will be an excellent choice for those who want to experience unique landscapes when visiting Pawna Lake in the state of Maharashtra. 

Explore Shinde Wadi Hills

Paragliding near Pawna Lake is one of the most popular activities among visitors to the area


If you're a Hindu visiting Pawna Lake in Maharashtra, visit Kondeshwar Temple. This Hindu temple is in the lake's old region.

Temple Of Kondeshwar

Pawna Lake sunrises and sunsets are stunning. Domestic tourists visiting the lake always visit the river region during the golden hours.

Watch The Sunrise And Sunset

Traveling to Pawna Lake, you can also kayak. Most regional service providers offer this activity as part of a package including camping and other activities.