Explore Poor Man’s Ooty Hassan In Karnataka!

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Gopika VC

This Hassan City's name was derived from the goddess Hassanamba. In Kannada, the term "Hassanamba" for the goddess means "Smiling Mother."

Gorur Dam, also known as Hemavathi Dam, was constructed across a significant Kaveri river.

Gorur Dam

Bucesvara Temple, popularly known as Koravangala Temple. Buchiraja, a wealthy Hoysala Dynasty official in the 12th century, built this beautiful temple.

Bucesvara Temple

On the banks of the Narmada River, soapstone was used to construct the ancient Hoysala-style Kedareshwar Temple.

Kedareshwar Temple

The Shettihali Church, also known as Shettihali Rosemary Church, was constructed in the 1860s by French missionaries in the Gothic architectural style.

Shettihalli Church

The Maharaja Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city of Hassan, renowned for its picnicking and other outdoor activities.

Maharaja Park

Hasnamba Temple, previously known as Sihmasanapuri, was constructed as a shrine to the goddess Shakti.

Hasanamba Temple

The tallest monolithic statue in the world, also known as the Gomateshwara Statue. This statue was named one of India's Seven Wonders in 2005.

Bhagwan Bahubali Statue

Goddess Lakshmi's temple was constructed employing the soapstone architecture of the ancient Hoysala kingdom in the 12th century.

Lakshmi Devi Temple

The Ishvara Temple of Arasikere was designed to honor Lord Shiva and is replete with India's cultural splendor.

Ishvara Temple