Explore The Beautiful Havelis And Mansions Of Shekhawati!

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Ruchika Mandora

Shekhawati in Rajasthan is a good place to go on vacation if you want to see places that are important in history.

If you like aesthetics and history, the city's havelis are stunning. Nawalgarh is known as the "Golden City of Rajasthan" for its appearance.


In Alsisar, you can see deserts over a large area. Alsisar is known for having wide swings in temperature, which is one of its main features.


It's called the "world's largest open-air art gallery" for its beautiful sceneries. Rajput monarchs established Mandawa in the 18th century.


This is a city in the Rajasthan state region of Skehawati that is full of nature and beautiful scenery.


The village has many ruined and working heritage temples. Like all the villages and cities mentioned above, Havelis are a big draw in this village.


This historic city in Shekhawati, Rajasthan, was once called "Shivgarh." Dundlod is famous for its forts and havelis.


Fatehpur's architecture is extremely stunning. The city's water resources are especially appealing due to the residents' artistic talents.


Jhunjhunu is famous for its engraved architecture. Cultural and historical tourism is enhanced by this town's age.


The city stands noteworthy for its architecture. Havelis and forts showcase these architectural patterns and styles.


The town's palace is famous. "Khetri Palace" is the city's name for this palace. It's also known as Wind Palace.


The establishment of this particular town happened in the year 1614. People say that Raja Girdhar Singh started the city of Khandela.