Explore The Coastal Resort Town Digha In West Bengal!

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Gopika VC

A first-time visitor to the Bay of Bengal coast might enjoy it. Digha's maritime biodiversity is extremely impressive.

When compared to the other beaches in Digha, the location of the beach has less people, giving you a more peaceful feeling.

New Digha Sea Beach

Udaipur Beach is called "Virgin Sea Beach" for its cleanliness, tranquilly, and cool atmosphere. Udaipur beach is only 3km from Digha railway station.

Udaipur Beach

If you're visiting Digha, you can visit this gorgeous spot. First-time visitors are captivated by the structure and design.

Digha Gate

This Digha park is excellent for family or friend time. The park's grounds are well-kept so you may relax and enjoy your stay here.

Amarabati Park

This is one of Digha's most accessible attractions. The Marine Aquarium and Regional Center is only 1km from Digha Railway Station Center.

Marine Aquarium and Regional Center

This park promotes local textile and handicraft artisans. The park's spectacular fountain attracts tourists and visitors.

Biswa Bangla Park Old Digha

Here, the Champa river flows into the Bay of Bengal, making a beautiful scene for people to see. You can also see beautiful sunrises and sunsets from here.

Digha Mohona Watch Point

People who are interested in science, students, researchers, academics, and even regular people can benefit from going to the centre.

Digha Science Center and National Science Camp

One of Digha's most popular amusement parks. If you're travelling with kids, don't miss the park.

Wonderland Kajal Dighi

You can buy Digha souvenirs and necessities at Battala Market. This market is in New Digha.

Battala Market