Explore The Gorgeous Waterfalls Of Madhya Pradesh!

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Ruchika Mandora

The Pandava waterfall is an increasingly well-known natural attraction. At a height of 30 meters above the ground in the center of Panna

Pandava Waterfalls


This waterfall is 30 meters tall and is located on the Ken river in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. 

Raneh Falls


The Bahuti Fall, at a height of 142 meters, is the highest waterfall in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is often referred to as the 'Indian Niagara'.

Bahuti Falls


The 30.48-meter-tall Kapil Dhara waterfall is located 6 kilometers to the northwest of Narmada River. This waterfall is the first on the Narmada river.

Kapil Dhara Waterfall


The BhooraKhon waterfall, situated at a height of 25 meters adjacent to the MadhavSagar Lake, offers an exceptional natural experience.

Bhoora Khon Waterfall


One can easily fall in love with Tincha falls' picturesque glory. This location is 25 kilometers from the metropolis of Indore. 

Tincha Falls


Patalpani Falls, one of Madhya Pradesh's most popular waterfalls, is close to Indore and a favorite weekend getaway for people living in cities. 

Patalpani Falls


Dhuandhar Falls, also known as Smoke cascade, is a 98-foot-tall waterfall whose waters cascade down to create the Marble Rocks Gorge.

Dhuandhar Falls


Keoti Falls, a continuation of Bahuti Falls in Madhya Pradesh, descends from Tons river over Rewa's plateau, enchanting nature lovers.

Keoti Falls


This waterfall is also a popular sunset spot, and you will see a large number of visitors traveling to Bee Falls, particularly in the late afternoons, to take in the amazing scenery.

Bee Falls