Explore The Historic Places In Orchha 2023!

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Ruchika Mandora

Orchha is a lovely city in Madhya Pradesh, India, which was founded by the Rajput prince Rudra Pratap Singh. The city preserves Bundela dynasty stories and culture.

The Chaturbhuj Temple, considered to be Lord Vishnu's four-armed home, is a popular Orchha attraction. 

Chaturbhuj Temple


The most popular attraction in Orchha is the Orchha Fort, which is located on a seasonal island in the River Betwa. Mughal-influenced Rajput architecture attracts travellers to the fort.

Orchha Fort


The Rani Mahal is furnished with exquisite antiquities, delicate woodwork, and magnificent paintings. The Mahal has Ramayana artefacts and beautiful gardens.

Rani Mahal


The Bundela dynasty's cenotaphs and sunset views make the Kanchana Ghat Chhatris the best time to come.



Dauji Ki Kothi was built in the 17th century and has since endured the wrath of nature. Visitors, especially photographers, flock to the Dauji ki Kothli's remains and expansive grounds.

Dauji Ki Kothi


The story of brotherly love and the burden of past mistakes is shown in Dinman Hardual Palace.

Dinman Hardaul Palace


More than 200 bird species live in Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a beautiful ride. 

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary


The heritage town's Betwa River sunset may be the highlight of the Orchha trip. It offers river rafting, sailing, and kayaking.

Betwa River and Kanchana Ghat


The entry to the Ram Raja Mahal in Orchha, Tikamgarh, has multidimensional arches and stone jali work, resembling Mughal style.

Ram Raja Mahal


Built by King Veer Singh Deo in 1622, the Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a remarkable example of the architectural talents of the Bundela Dynasty.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple


The Sunder Mahal, a prominent Muslim pilgrimage site, is also well-known as a palace associated with a passionate love story.

Sunder Mahal


Janki Mandir is a well-known temple in Orchha that features murals of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman on its outside walls.

Janki Mandir