Explore The Historical And Religious Sites In Jhalawar, Rajasthan!

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Ruchika Mandora

It's worth seeing. It manages rivers and offers breathtaking views. Outstanding is the cannon hut deck. There is enough to see and walk in this area.

Fort Jhalawar

On the banks of the beautiful Chandrabhaga River are some beautiful Chandrabhaga temples with arched gateways and pillars with intricate carvings.

Temple of Chandrabhaga

It is in Chandkheri, near Khanpur, and there is a statue of Lord Adinath there that is six feet tall.

Khanpur’s Chandkheri Adinath Jain Temple

It has some rare and unique manuscripts, artefacts, paintings, and statues and sculptures of goddesses.

Government Museum At Jhalawar

Parsi dramas were performed here. It even has a subversive scene where horses and chariots appear onstage to amaze the audience.

Bhawani Natyashala

These lovely temples resemble Khajuraho and Konark Sun Temples. The temple resembles the sun's chariot with 7 withering horses.

Sun Temple

They are about 90 kilometres from Jhalawar and are the best examples of Indian art that still stand.

Buddhist Stupas And Caves

A rich green forest enhances this ancient site with intricately carved pillars, torans, and fascinating sculptures in temple remains spread over a 2-kilometer radius.


In 1796, the beautiful temple was built on the shores of Gomati Sagar Lake. In the year 1806 A.D., this is where the Lord Krishna idol was placed.

Temple of Dwarkadeesh