Explore The Manchester Of Punjab: Ludhiana!

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Gopika VC

A visit to Ludhiana will reveal Punjab's royal past. You should also explore the city's textile industry.

Since its founding, Ludhiana's clock tower has been a landmark. In the city centre, the tower is brilliant red. The tower is built with red brick.

Clock Tower

It has two floors. The museum's authentic Punjabi colors and designs thrill visitors with excitement and awe as they explore the museum.

Museum of Social History and Rural Life of Punjab

This park will show you Ludhiana's green side. Visiting the park early in the morning can provide you the energy and joy you need for your Ludhiana vacation.

Leisure Valley

To see this Ludhiana Gurudwara, you must travel to Alamgir. This is o ne of Sikhism's most prominent pilgrimage sites.

Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib

"Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort" was rebuilt in 1809. The great artist "Dewan Mohkam Chand" designed the fort.

Phillaur Fort

You can discover the city's distinctive and interesting worship practises. Additionally, this city's Hindu shrine is beautiful at night.

Govind Godham

The Nehru Rose Garden houses this planetarium. Most visitors are youths. The museum opened in 1977 on March 3.

Nehru Planetarium

Nature lovers and people who like to watch animals will love the park's surroundings and atmosphere. You can go to the park between 9 in the morning and 7 at night.

Deer Park

Tiger Safari is the city's zoo's main attraction. You may also see tigers playing and relaxing in the pond.

Ludhiana Zoo

The fort's location on the Sutlej River makes it more beautiful and serene. Lodhi Fort's architecture deserves praise.

Lodhi Fort