Explore The Rich Culture Of Chettinad, In Tamil Nadu!

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Gopika VC

Chettinad has 96 villages and Karaikudi is its main town. It is a foodie's paradise and a draw for anyone interested in ancient India's traditions, and family-held culture.

The Chettinad mansions are in a class of their own because of their different designs, elaborate decorations, and unique features.

Chettinadu Mansion

Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar Temple in Tamil Nadu is a rock-cut Ganesha temple. Agama texts on stone inscriptions date the beautiful temple to 1091–1238 B.C.


The Arulmigu Sri Vairavar Swamy Temple in Tamil Nadu is 500 years old. It is also known as Vadukanthapuram Temple and Vairavanpatti Temple.


This impressive building was put up in 1912, and its decorations come from all over the world.

Chettinad Palace

According to various historical documents, the beautiful temple dates back nearly 1500 years.

Mathur Temple

This is a beautiful temple that is shared by 9 villages in Karaikudi. It is the first clan temple in the area and is 25 km from the village.


Velangudi Temple is another ancestral temple 10 km south of Karaikudi. This beautiful temple was named after the local "Vela" trees.


10 vimanas and 2 gopurams are in this temple. The sculptures, especially the divinity statues, are intricately carved.


The 12th-century Nataraja statue at Iraniyur Temple is one of the most impressive. Throughout its two reconstructions, the temple has stunning paintings in two sections.

Iraniyur Temple

Paintings and inscriptions cover this stunning temple's walls. The temple's preserved interior is amazing. This temple's roof is granite.

Athmanathaswamy Temple