Explore The Top Waterfalls Of Maharashtra!

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Gopika VC

The waterfall is 1278m high and has two levels. People think it is safe to swim near the smaller waterfall. The bigger one falling from 500 feet up.

Lingmala Waterfall


Most travelers love to hike to this spot. From the town, it will take you about 3 hours to walk to the waterfalls.

Devkund Waterfall


From 170 feet up, you can see the water fall over the edge of the cliff. The gorge it falls into is also beautiful.

Randha Waterfall


Wilson dam overflows during monsoons, causing umbrella falls. A bridge below the Umbrella waterfall lets you enjoy its amazing beauty.

Umbrella Waterfall


The waterfall is about 120 feet high, which makes for a beautiful scene that tourists love. Rappelling is one of the many water sports you can do here.

Ashoka Waterfall


One of the best natural streams in Maharashtra is the Dugarwadi waterfall. It is near Trimbakeshwar, in the town of Sapgon.

Dugarwadi Waterfall


The Someshwar waterfall is 10m high. You will find the area to be very peaceful and beautiful. Best place to go with your family to spend time together.

Someshwar Waterfall


This three-tiered waterfall is 260m high. Even though this waterfall is always there, its beauty is at its best during the monsoons.

Vajrai Waterfall


The monsoon makes this place beautiful. In June–October, this place is at its best. A charming Kune church is also a nearest tourist attraction.

Kune Waterfall


500m cascade waterfall. This seasonal waterfall is powerful during monsoons. This area's peacefulness draws tourists throughout peak season.

Thoseghar Waterfall