Explore The White Gold City In Telangana, Adilabad!

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Gopika VC

Adilabad, located in the Indian state of Telangana, is sometimes referred to as "White Gold City" due to its abundance of cotton cultivation.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is the best, bordered by the Godavari River and Maharashtra. Declared a Tiger Reserve by India in 2012.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Kuntala Falls is the highest waterfall in Telangana; the Kadem river plunges 45 meters before entering the woods.

Kuntala Falls

The Gayatri waterfalls on the Kadam river are beautiful. Its 100-foot waterfall, located 5 km from Tarnam Khurd village near Neradigonda, is a sight.

Gayatri Waterfalls

The Jainath temple, which is the residence of Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy, follows the Jain style of temple architecture.

Jainath Temple

Freshwater crocodiles, sometimes known as the mugger crocodiles, are the primary attraction of Shivaram wildlife sanctuary.

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Kadam dam at the confluence of the Kadam river and Godavari irrigates over 25000 hectares in Adilabad district.

Kadam dam

Pochera waterfall is the deepest in Telangana. The beautiful green forest surrounding the waterfall is home to many bird and reptile species, making it scenic.

Pochera Falls

Basara is a census-designated place inside the Nirmal district. Devotees flock to this area to visit the Sri Gnana Saraswathi Temple.


The Kanakai waterfalls in Girnoor, a small village in the Bazarhatnoor Mandal, provide a stunning view of the enormous quantities of water cascading from the cliffs.

Kanakai Waterfalls

The beauty of the Sahasrakund waterfalls rests in its black metal-like rock formation.

Sahasrakund Waterfalls

The 136-square-kilometer-large Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by dense, dark teak trees.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary