Explore World's Largest River Island Majuli In Assam!

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Ruchika Mandora

Majuli is one of the most captivating tourism destinations in Assam, India. The island is situated on the Brahmaputra River in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

As when you arrive on Majuli Island, you will be met by white beach sand composed primarily of silt transported by the strong river.

Visit Brahmaputra White Sand


Majuli is an island in a river that is only accessible by ferry. Majuli is reached by ferries departing from Neemati Ghat near Jorhat in approximately 45 minutes.

Ferry Ride


The bamboo huts on Kamlabari are worth the lengthy journey. You can stay elsewhere, but these are the most popular.

Bamboo Hut Stay


All-you-can-eat non-veg and veg thalis are available on the island. The inexpensive thalis include dal, papad, rice, one vegetable, steaming jacket potatoes, and rice kheer.

Enjoy Majuli Thali


Renting a bicycle for a few days is a terrific way to explore this huge island. From schoolchildren to adults, everyone on Majuli prefers to travel by bicycle.

Rent a cycle to explore the island


Majuli is also the cultural centre of Assam, and the monasteries scattered over the island are commonly referred to as Satras.

Explore the Monasteries


If you intend to visit Majuli, you have undoubtedly heard of the Satras. It is proper to organize the days in accordance with the Satras.

Explore Satras of Majuli


Majuli is home to the indigenous mask-making culture that has existed on the island since the start of civilization.

Visit Mask Makers Village


The Missing or Missing Tribe is dispersed across Majuli's entire island. They are the largest tribe in the entirety of North-Eastern India.

Missing Tribal Villages


A speciality of the Missing Tribes is the traditional day-long fermenting of rice in order to produce rice alcohol.

Enjoy Rice Beer