Famous Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur, Kerala

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Gopika VC

The longest Asian drive-in beach. BBC named this South Indian beach one of the 6 greatest drive-in beaches in the world. The beach is swimmable.

Muzhappilangad Drive-In Beach

Lord Shiva's temple. Kerala's 108 old Shiva temples include the temple. The temple only allows women to worship after 8 pm.

Rajarajeshwara Temple

Kannur's seaside charm draws tourists, but here is its hill station side. Palakkayam Thattu is an unusual Kannur tourist destination.

Palakkayam Thattu

This urban beach is perfect for an evening with friends and family. Payyambalam Beach is one of five Kannur Beaches.

Payyambalam Beach

The temple's principal deity is Subramanya. The temple originated in the Thretha Yuga, according to experts. The Peralassery Subramanya Temple also worships snakes.

Peralassery Sri Subramanya Temple

The Kannur laterite plateau naturally formed this. The location's seasonal colors change. The plateau covers 700 acres.


Another Shiva-centered Hindu pilgrimage. Kannur's steep Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple. The river Bavali separates Akkare Kottiyoor and Ikkare Kottiyoor, two temple complexes.

Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple

A beach with a feel for the undeveloped island of Dharmadam. The vibrancy of the golden shore adds to the tranquility of this hangout area.

Dharmadam Beach

North Kerala's largest backwater island. The colonial Kavvayi island was a tiny harbor. British authority later banned the port in the 17th century.

Kavvayi Island