Ganpatipule: Small Coastal Town In Ratnagiri Maharashtra!

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Gopika VC

Along the Konkan Coast, Ganpatipule has lovely beaches and views that are hard to beat. This place is a dream for people who love religion and the outdoors.

This beach is 6 km long and has lots of water sports like aero boats, pedal boats, rowboats, water scooters, and many more.

Ganpatipule Beach

In 1832, British officer John Oswald built this lighthouse. Ganpatipule's primary attraction is this archaic engineering marvel.

Jaigad Lighthouse

Mountain-ocean convergence created these beaches. This long, secluded beach's pristine sand surface offers a stunning sunset.

Aare Ware Beach

Bhandarpule's coastline has suru trees. The sea's bluish-green tint is stunning. Bhandarpule's beach is quieter than Ganpatipule's.

Bhandarpule Beach

It is thought to be Lord Ganesha's self-made monolith, which was found 1600 years ago. From 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., you can visit this temple.

Swayambhu Ganpati Temple

There are sculptures of Shivaji Maharaj in the museum, as well as artefacts from their time, sea forts, and many other historical things.

Konkan Museum

This beach is a popular place to have a picnic with friends and family and spend time together in peace. It is an old city that is known for its tasty coconut and mangoes.

Guhagar Beach

Hedvi Ganesh Temple contains a ten-armed 3-foot idol. Hence, it is named "Dashbhuja Ganpati"—"Das" meaning ten and "Bhuj" meaning hand.

Hedvi Ganesh Temple

This temple was built to honour Lord Ganesha, who is important to Hindus. This mandir is built like a pagoda, with three layers of roof, which is typical of the Buddhist style.

Jai Vinayak Temple

Chiplun is a small Maharashtra town far from Ratnagiri. Mango groves along the Vashishti River make this site famous.


This is a very old Hindu temple built in the traditional Hindu style. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were honoured by building this temple.

Velneshwar Temple & Beach