Gaumukh: Explore The Source Of The Bhagirathi River!

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Ruchika Mandora

In the Hindu religion, the most holy river is the Ganga, which starts at Gaumukh on the Gangotri Glacier.

This is the only place in the Ganga Valley where you can see Bhagirathi peak I, II, III, Raktvan, Shivling Peak, and Matri Peak.

Gaumukh trek starts from Gangotri . You canvisit the Gangotri Temple first and then take the steep stairs on your left to the Gaumukh Trek track.

The trip to the forest checkpost is about 2-3 kilometres. 6:00 AM is check-in time. So, leave Gangotri before 5:00 AM to reach at the checkpost before it opens.

Early starts offer amazing insights and flexibility if you change your plans midday. But, because the authorized office opened at 8:00 AM, leave Gangotri around then.

Summer and fall are the best times to visit Gaumukh-Taovan Trek, from May to June and September to the last week of October.

Most adventure lovers go to Rishikesh because it has India's highest bungee jump, which is run by experts with years of experience.


Bungee Jumping

It offers a spectacular view of butterflies, wildflowers, colourful birds, and exotic animals like the Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Bharai, and Himalayan Black Bear.

Valley of Flowers

On the Gaumukh Tapovan trek, Bhojbasa is the last place to stay and dine. Other from this, there is no place to stop and eat during the trek.